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Program Designs

CardCentral designs card programs to meet each client’s objectives. Below are examples of program designed to meet common use cases, including point of sale rebate programs, channel sales, and incentives for loyalty and behavioral changes. Let us design a program around your business objectives.

Common Program Designs with Prepaid Card Rewards

Use Case 1

Channel Sales

Prepaid cards are uniquely suited to stimulate partner engagement. Prepaid cards have a universal appeal and can be quickly adjusted to meet changing objectives.

  • Increase channel partner engagement
  • Grow channel sales revenue
  • Enlist channel partners and customers as corp. ambassadors

Use Case 2

Driving Sales

Beta’s prepaid card rewards program helped them reduce their channel partner turnover, increase their customer base and loyalty, and lower their cost of customer acquisition and retention.

  • Channel partner churn rate decreased by 30%
  • Customer acquisition and retention rate increased by 45%
  • Cost of customer acquisition and retention decreased by 20%

Use Case 3

Changing Behaviors

Gamma’s prepaid card rewards program helped them increase their product visibility and demand, improve their pricing strategy and profitability, and enhance their product quality and safety.

  • Product awareness and adoption increased by 50%
  • Price sensitivity and bargaining power of customers decreased by 15%
  • Compliance and adherence to product usage guidelines increased by 60%

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