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Custom Prepaid Solutions

CardCentral® offers creative solutions from themed and customizable cards to an award fulfillment platform. Our seamless integrations make it easy to select and send prepaid awards, and our US-based support center is there to ensure your consumers have the best possible award experience.
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Choose either single or reloadable prepaid cards. Both are simple and easy to administer – complete online account and tracking services.

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Present your brand in the best light. Full color, high resolution images with stock or custom designs for cards and carriers with quick approvals.

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Looking for a custom, restricted merchant or category card program? CardCentral enables you to have complete control over your prepaid card program experience (minimums apply).

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Physical, virtual or combination prepaid program options are available. Mobile options include Google, Samsung and Apple Pay options.

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Bulk card production or individual drop ship services are available. Activation on receipt is standard to help with fraud minimization and security.

Cards for Any Occasion

CardCentral makes it easy to tailor awards to specific occasions and accomplishments. Choose from our library of pre-designed cards, or work with us to make your own! Our graphic designers will help put your brand in the best light. Have a design ready to use? Our cards support full-color, high resolution images to make your brand or message pop.

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High Resolution Images

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Custom Branding


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Safety Initiatives

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& More!

Card Fulfillment

Other companies can sell you prepaid cards but leave you with the headache of managing the process. CardCentral offers companies a complete solution including a management and fulfillment platform, APIs for seamless integration with your systems, card delivery, a branded cardholder portal to access account information, and high-quality customer service to ensure your recipients receive the best care.

Our cards include a user-friendly online account for recipients to claim and manage their cards in a branded, highly secure online account. Cardholders can look up card information, check transactions and balances, and contact customer support with questions and issues.

CardCentral - Award Fulfillment Platform

What Makes CardCentral
the Perfect Program Partner?

Ease of Use

Our cardholder portal is easy to use and accessible to all (mobile, desktop, multi-lingual). Our customizable portals carry your brand messages in a professional and well designed format across all device types: computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Security - Privacy

Our cardholder portal delivers a fully functional, feature rich experience within a highly secure environment. All data is encrypted, communications are secured, and the system is continuously monitored for any attempts to gain access by unauthorized users.


All aspects of the user's prepaid card experience can be customized. This includes print materials, digital materials, redemption pages, instructions, and notifications. CardCentral is one of the leading providers for delivering a prepaid card experience that is 100% on brand.

Reporting and Insights

The CardCentral portal provides visibility into your card program's performance. This includes redemptions, funding and notifications. Our transparent approach delivers meaningful insights and visibility into the overall performance of your program.

Integrated Messaging

Our cardholder portal notifies recipients via email or text message that they have received a card and guides them through the redemption process. Messages can be tailored to your corporate message. Multiple languages and delivery formats are natively supported.

API Services

Our cardholder portal includes API's that listen for orders sent from your company's systems, eliminating manual entry and delivering awards as they are earned 24/7.

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CardCentral API Services - World-Class

API services are available to support: Card ordering, Notifications and Messaging, Card Balances, Transaction History, Re-issues, Funding and Support Tools. CardCentral provides a range of prepaid program options to ensure each client delivers a best-in-class prepaid program experience for its customers, clients, partners or employees.

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Our ordering API eliminates manual ordering and paperwork.  Requests are electronically sent to CardCentral for processing.  We provide you with a secure portal and a detailed monthly report for you to monitor the process.

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Eliminating human involvement in the order process makes it more secure. Unscrupulous individuals are prevented from issuing unapproved awards. Similarly, typos and other human mistakes are eliminated from the process as well.

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Your customers will also enjoy the benefits of integration. Our API is constantly ‘listening’ for new requests, 24/7. Regardless of the time of day that your customer earns an award, you can send a request to CardCentral and our nearly instantaneous process will send an award. The customer experiences immediate recognition and gratification.

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Customer Support Center

CardCentral maintains a US-based support center to ensure that your consumers have the best experience with their awards.

Our support team is equipped to address inquiries from our toll-free telephone number or online portal.

Support representatives have all of the tools necessary to handle questions and problems at any stage of the consumer experience, whether the question is about claiming an award or investigating an unknown charge.

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