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CardCentral is at the forefront of digital financial technology, merging the most essential needs of businesses worldwide with a solution that is adaptable, seamless, and provides positively disruptive alternatives to financial loyalty programs, awards, and incentives. We understand the stringent and exhausting systems of financial transactions obtainable with reimbursements, refunds, returns, allowance allocations, discounts, incentive packages, and others. This is why we exist— to bring novel solutions to your business needs leveraging dynamic technology. We offer a definitive resolution, an online tool that enables your business to reward loyalty, boost engagement and incentivize activities.

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Establish a Unique, Trustworthy Partnership by Leveraging Branded Gift Cards

We deliver a highly secure, cloud-based payment and reward management system that offers the flexibility of financial disbursement for an array of programs that we support, such as:

Our Team

Our exceptionally talented and vibrant teams of financial management professionals, subject matter experts, and tech gurus are:
The heart and core of our vastly successful programs.
  • Working around the clock to provide fast-paced, personal.
  • Tailored assistance to our clients.
We leverage tested and trusted technology that has been nothing short of perfection. Our passion and enthusiasm to develop flawless systems are what make us innovators.

Debit Cards as a Business Strategy

Modern technology has evolved to enhance the methods by which businesses give incentives and generally transact. As bearers of the torch, we deliver omnichannel solutions in various categories:

Corporate Solutions

Fund transfer has never been safer, faster, and more streamlined. You can now effectively and conveniently move and distribute funds at a much less expensive rate. Our expertise firmly lies in enabling safer corporate transactions utilizing modern payment methods such as the physical Visa debit card or the digital Visa. Here are other applications for your corporate Gift cards.

Appease Clients – Our initiatives are also geared towards providing pacifications to win back clients with customer-friendly messaging.

Diverse Digital Payment Options – Give recipients more options to choose from when making online payments.

Relief Support for Disasters – The urgency of support requests in times of disaster requires a quick response. This is possible with our secure, digital gift cards. Our solutions enable civil societies, foundations, Non-profit organizations, and other corporations to disburse funds to remote localities and construct a convenient channel to the recipients.

Incentive Solutions

A diversified incentives solution is desirable to drive improved employee behavior, boost sales team performance or inspire customers to make more purchases or deliver referrals. Reports have shown over the years that customers or clients who received gift cards for purchases or actions were more likely to recommend the business or become returning customers.

There are various ways to incentivize performance and patronage. However, most individuals prefer the convenience and value of a gift card over all the other means. Our debit card technology cuts across various industries. Some industries that we cover include:

  • Retail
  • Auto market
  • Telecommunication
  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Building & Construction
  • Media
  • Digital technology
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer goods
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness

Commerce Solutions

User experience is paramount to success in business. Availing gift cards to reward customer consistency, loyalty, and referrals is extremely beneficial and paves the way for business expansion and the buildup of an extensive network through affiliates. You can greatly benefit from our offers and promotions on commerce solutions as digital resellers, retail offers, and merchant initiatives. Our easy-to-use platform enables you to launch a consistent and integrated digital gifting program.

Uniqueness deepens engagement, and when it comes to business initiatives, the Uniqueness of an online business determines the level of customer motivation. In other words, we offer a wide category of reward options for your business, such as points or percentage cashback on referral purchases that can be made possible on our digitally broad consumer engagement spectrum.

Rebate Management

Whether it’s an eCommerce store, a physical business, or a large corporation, certain rebate policies exist and often pose a challenge or lead to small measurable losses. These can be put in check with an organized strategy, so whether it is a refund, reduction, discount, reimbursement, allowance, or returns, our custom brand rebate management solutions have got you covered.

We provide B2B gift cards and B2C for all endeavors; this further broadens the scope of collaboration and reward. What is it about a gift card that makes it truly valuable? They leave a lasting impression that makes its mark in the lives of others. Invest in the technology that drives modern businesses.

Employee Reward Solutions

A hardworking, innovative workforce is powered by motivation and incentives. Our eclectic reward system for employees consists of physical reward cards and a patented platform to motivate employees, boost morale, and enhance performance positively. We can optimize your requirements to suit company aims and objectives. Whether it’s variations of gift cards tailored to different departments, or customized designs for projects, seasons, and more, we can match your needs.

Research Solutions

Our SaaS reward program isn’t limited to this function only; it can be integrated into a much larger support sphere, especially in implementing research initiatives of any magnitude. Our web-based system can be customized to serve as a reward for market research or funding for executing researches headquartered in various remote locations internationally.