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The process begins with us working with you to determine the award which will provide the most return on your investment (ROI). Will a virtual or physical card work better for your program? What messaging or branding should be included?

Next, we setup your incentive program on our CardCentral cloud-based platform. The CardCentral platform is a secure online account for your recipients to manage the status of their awards, including checking balances and activity. We incorporate your company's branding to reinforce your message.

We also train our dedicated customer support team on any special requirements of your recipients and corporate messaging.

Finally, we provide an optional toolset for you to integrate your loyalty and incentive management application with the CardCentral platform. This eliminates paperwork, streamlines the fulfillment process, and provides nearly-instant gratification for your recipients 24/7.

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Flexible Award Management

CardCentral is the ideal solution for managing all types of incentive programs:

Diverse Team

To deliver an exceptional consumer experience requires a wide spectrum of expertise.  We’ve assembled a team of professionals ready to serve you: 

Customer Care

Prepaid cards as a Business Strategy

Prepaid cards are an ideal incentive for many sales and marketing strategies.

Rebate Management

Rebates are a long established inducement to stimulate sales.  Offering a prepaid card as an incentive is a great alternative to traditional rebate checks.  Companies save on the cost of printing and distributing checks.  Also, unlike a check which is deposited or cashed, a branded physical prepaid card stays with recipients and reinforces your brand.

Incentive Solutions

Offering a desirable incentive is paramount to a successful incentive program.  With prepaid cards, consumers get to decide what is their ideal award.  When the prepaid card carries your branding, recipients will be reminded of your business while purchasing their award.

Loyalty Solutions

For loyalty programs that have different levels of recognition, managing awards for the different tiers can become complex quickly.  The scalability of prepaid cards greatly simplifies the process.  By offering different amounts, you can have one solution to fit each recognition tier.

Research Solutions

Rewards for participating in research studies have been a staple of market research companies.  Prepaid cards are an easy solution, especially when working with CardCentral.  With prepaid cards from CardCentral, you don’t have to manage an inventory of awards or purchase more than you need, and the awards are sent directly to recipients.