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Want your clients to live healthy lifestyles? Looking to reward new and existing customers or are you looking to expand your brand's influence? Our flexible, secure cloud-based API and host mall programs provide your company with the integrated commerce strategy it needs to scale its growth while protecting the privacy of your company and clients. Retailers, corporations, eCommerce stores, physical stores, websites; gain all you need to increase your revenue stream and improve your B2C relationship with our reward packages. Simplify web integration with our simple CardCentral API and gift card programs.

Engage, reward, and retain new and existing clients with disruptive digital content and payment options. We provide you with online, in-store, and mobile app gift card solutions and support. Our reward and loyalty programs are highly configurable and equipped for rapid deployment. You will benefit from our extensive network, scalable platform, and innovative systems based on industry-leading experience.

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Why Choose Us?

With CardCentral, you can:

We provide our clients with unique payment and financial solutions that meet industry-specific needs. With our simple and ever-evolving array of technology-driven reward and loyalty programs, we can create business solutions for a variety of companies and brands. Our innovative team of experts continues to create disruptive payment solutions for a plethora of renowned businesses in different industries across the world.

VISA Prepaid cards combine the flexibility of cash with the convenience of a debit card. At CardCentral, we enable your business to build a better B2C relationship with our financial programs.


We work with healthcare providers to provide a personalized reward and loyalty system that engages their clients, inspires, and encourages their members to be proactive with their health. With our gift card plans, you can easily access discounts and funds for selected products. You can also mold the behavior of your members by building and providing engaging supplemental health benefits.

By using CardCentral, your corporation can create and implement a HIPPA complaint loyalty and reward program with tailored rewards to engage your members. Reduce excess costs like insurance claims by incentivizing your members to voluntarily participate in tasks that improve their overall health. As a member completes a task, CardCentral is able to record and track their progress with an anonymous unique user id (UUID). Once the reward has been completed and the necessary points are accrued, the gift cards are given to the healthcare companies to present to their members. We also ensure customers do not exceed the allotted credit score or receive multiple credits for performing the same task.

In a world with increasing competitors and rising healthcare costs, health companies need to come up with ingenious ways to stand out from their competitors, offer consumers top-tier service, and motivate participation in lower health risks. You can drastically lower healthcare expenses, reduce health risks, encourage and support healthier habits, promote participation, create an unforgettable experience that is often cherished by family and friends, appeal to a diverse set of audience, and conveniently attend to the needs of your customers by providing them with gift cards that suit their peculiar needs … Provide your customers with instant gratification that makes the reward interesting.


Customers are often on the lookout for ways to reduce their power bills and household spending. In doing so, they look to energy companies that provide them with the steady power supply they need at the best price possible. With the rising competition in the energy sector, companies need to come up with innovative ways to increase sales, attract new customers and retain old ones. Incentivize customers to choose your product by providing them with reward programs that meet their specific needs. This increases brand loyalty, encourages them to provide a favorable review, and increases your brand’s reach.

By using CardCentral, your company can provide customers and retailers with an “on the spot” reward. Once the company representative collects and logs in the customer’s information at the store, CardCentral’s API can automate the reward system by reaching out to customers via text and verifying their identity. We also provide your customers with a promotional offer that is immediately redeemable at your store and the gift cards are issued directly to them, helping your business stand out.


By using mobile phone geolocation to deliver retailer restricted awards, we can support your company’s multi-channel sales model. With CardCentral, you are able to promote sales, reward retail partners and provide customers with the financial support they need to purchase additional phone accessories. We eliminate any additional paperwork, saving you and your customers time, and minimizing errors. Retailers collect the details of customers and provide them with the specific gift card attached to your product. With this, your company can gather real-time information associated with the retailer’s sales record and consumer interaction.


For traditional building companies, eCommerce, and store distributors, rebates are often offered as a long-term marketing strategy based on specific locations, transactions, and products. Due to their very nature, rebates can become complex for the company and customers to interact with. Hence, companies often require an efficient rebate management system.

CardCentral provides your company with a paperless automated rebate program with private-label branding and support. A benefit to this is that you can simplify claim processing, detect and flag potentially fraudulent claims, securely validate serial numbers, and automatically distribute rebates. Reduce rebate administrative costs and increase your brand’s reach by providing your customers with compelling and exciting rewards.


With the personalization that comes with having an in-store gift card, marketing firms can utilize them as a viable tool to encourage sales, raise awareness, and increase customers’ interaction with the brand. It enables them to generate revenue in advance of providing a service or goods.
Retain access to all the cards your company needs to support your customer loyalty and rewards programs. Our simple cloud-based API program allows you to gain full control of the fulfillment process, allocate funds to special customers, create a budget per client/program, implement web integration, and access multi-program support.

Meet your customers where and how they want to be met with our seamless, flexible, and innovative financial packages. At CardCentral, we offer cutting-edge digital payouts to virtual cards, gift cards, prepaid cards, and mobile wallets on a global scale. No matter where your store is located, we are here to provide you with location and customer-specific needs.