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Our team has substantial experience across a wide-array of industries. We have spotlighted a few of them to illustrate how CardCentral can create a bespoke solution that addresses the challenges and goals of each company.


Mobile phone service providers frequently have to support a multi-channel sales model where their products and services are distributed through their own stores and other retail partners.  The optimal incentive program should provide a financial incentive to the consumer and benefit to the retailer that made the sale.  See how the CardCentral platform provides the right solution.


Rebates are a tried & true method for manufacturers whose sales performance relies on other entities, such as traditional brick and mortar retailers, ecommerce sites, and distributors. However, administering rebate programs can be a tedious, paper intensive, and expensive process.  See how CardCentral streamlines and automates the process.


For marketing incentives companies, prepaid cards are an attractive award to offer. However, finding the right prepaid card issuer can be a challenge.  Many issuers are the proverbial ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, offering general purpose reloadable debit cards, J-hook gift cards, award cards, payment disbursements, etc.  Despite (or perhaps because of) this wide array of cards, these issuers may lack the tools to help marketing incentives companies easily manage their operations.  See how CardCentral’s tools address the unique requirements of marketing incentives companies.