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Who are we?

CardCentral™ is your partner for prepaid card programs. We offer prepaid card programs to companies to stimulate sales, increase customer loyalty, and burnish their brand.

Our cloud-based fulfillment platform offers a secure online account for consumers to claim awards, manage accounts, and makes tracking purchases easy.

Grow your business with CardCentral

CardCentral is focused on supporting loyalty and incentive award programs.  Our team of experts have significant experience in designing and executing fulfillment for award programs.  We work with our corporate clients to design incentives that are precisely targeted to meeting their business objectives.  The result is better ROI, more engaged consumers, and a streamlined process.


Why Choose Us?


Our cloud-based award fulfillment platform streamlines and automates the process of managing, delivering, and securing prepaid cards. Our platform tracks each step of the process to ensure that all awards are delivered.


Why squander your recipients excitement and goodwill by making them wait for the awards? Our platform works 24/7 to expedite the fulfillment process and in the case of virtual prepaid accounts delivery is nearly instantaneous.

Branded Prepaid Cards

We work with you to design a branded prepaid card that is ideally suited for your company's objectives. We focus on finding the optimal level between cost and consumer response.


Most corporate loyalty and incentive programs are ongoing. So we developed secure APIs that allow companies to easily communicate with our fulfillment platform to facilitate on-going programs. You order only what you need, when you need it, minimizing capital investment.

Real-time data analytics

With our cloud-based fulfillment platform, you can get real-time data analytics on your program.

Data protection

We take data protection very seriously and maintain the highest standards of security. Our systems utilize encryption, multi-factor authentication, virus protection, and intrusion protection and alerts.