Providing location specific rewards based on retail location


Using mobile phone geo-location to instantaneously deliver retailer restricted reward.


A large mobile phone provider needed an incentive solution that supported its multi-channel sales model. The company sells its products and services through its own stores and through retail partners. The optimal solution would stimulate sales, provide customers with a financial support to personalize their phone with accessories, and reward the specific retailer partner that made the sale. CardCentral™ provided the company with a win-win-win solution.
Using CardCentral, the mobile phone company sends an instantaneous reward to the customer’s new phone while the customer is in the store. Using geo-location to determine the exact retail location, CardCentral generates a tailored prepaid card for that specific retailer (RAN).
By putting the prepaid card in the customer’s hands at the time he is signing up for a mobile plan or purchasing a new phone, the mobile company captures the customer’s enthusiasm and induces him to increase his purchase with a prepaid card that can be used to purchase accessories, like a matching phone case. The retailer is rewarded with customers that receive funds that can be immediately used for other purchases in the store.
The solution is entirely paperless, eliminating additional work for all parties and minimizing errors. Because the solution uses the myCardCentral application, the phone company can get real-time information related to the number of cards issued.

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