Old Way

Manually managing fulfillment for multiple award programs

CardCentral Way

Complete award fulfillment system


For marketing incentives companies, prepaid cards are an attractive award to offer. However, finding the right prepaid card issuer can be a challenge.  Many issuers are the proverbial ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, offering general purpose reloadable debit cards, J-hook gift cards, award cards, payment disbursements, etc.  Despite (or perhaps because of) this wide array of cards, these issuers may lack the tools to help marketing incentives companies easily manage their operations.

With CardCentral, the marketing incentives company retain access to the type of cards needed to support their clients’ loyalty and award programs while gaining control over its fulfillment processes.

The CardCentral platform contains unique features specifically for marketing incentives companies, like the ability to allocate funds to specific client programs and let the system manage the money automatically. This eliminates the risk of one loyalty program draining funds meant to support other campaigns.  CardCentral automatically draws down available funds in real-time to give the company an up-to-the-minute view of the status of all programs.

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CardCentral™ is a full-service incentive and loyalty program fulfillment company.  With state of the art software, an existing vendor supply chain, and experienced staff, CardCentral supercharges incentive and loyalty programs to meet any corporate objective.