Incenting healthplan members to adopt healthier lifestyles


Implementing a HIPAA compliant rewards program with tiered rewards to engage members


While everyone knows that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ it is sometimes difficult to put those words into action. A large health insurance provider has determined that if it can incent participants to take voluntary actions that improve health, it can improve the health of its members AND reduce insurance claims. Using actuarial data, the provider monetized the value of certain positive lifestyle activities and paired those activities with incentives to motivate their members. Next, the insurance provider turned to CardCentral™ to put the plan into action.
As members complete activities, the insurance provider transmits a record to CardCentral with an anonymous unique user ID (UUID) for personal privacy and HIPAA compliance. CardCentral logs the activities for each UUID. As a UUID reaches a milestone, CardCentral issues a virtual prepaid debit card which is transmitted to the insurance provider to present to the member. The member can continue to complete healthy activities along the lifestyle path created by the insurer to earn additional rewards. Though the best reward for the member is better health.
While members are encouraged to earn as many rewards as they can, the CardCentral system monitors to ensure that members do not exceed their allotted amount of rewards or receive credit for performing some activities more than once.
By partnering with CardCentral, the insurance provider has implemented an engaging solution that excites it members and subtlety teaches healthy habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

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