Old Way

Constantly struggling to meet customers face-to-face

CardCentral Way

On-the-spot rewards with location specific rewards


The challenge for consumer energy companies is having an opportunity to meet customers face-to-face to educate them on the benefits of their product. One type of location with customers is brick and mortar retail locations. However, without a physical product, it is difficult for an energy company to get into stores. One energy company has found a clever solution to get into stores and in front of customers.
The energy company provides an incentive for both the customers and retailers. Using CardCentral™’s myCardCentral, the energy company offers customers an ‘on the spot’ reward for signing up. To incent retailers, CardCentral issues the retailer’s own gift card based on the location of energy company representative. In this way, the store benefits from having the energy company onsite.
The energy company representative enters the order into the company’s own application collect the customer information while in the store. On submission of a valid claim, the application sends a request via API to CardCentral to send a promotional offer instantly via SMS to the customer’s phone. The promotional offer can be immediately redeemed by the customer for a digital store gift card. The gift card can be used on that trip to the store or saved and used on a subsequent visit.
Without physical cards, the energy company eliminates loss or theft. The digital gift cards are issued directly to, and with the name of, the recipient. The energy management is able to monitor company representatives’ sales performance within CardCentral by tracking claim and redemption information back to each representative.

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