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Your prepaid card

CardCentral begins by understanding your business objective and the intended recipients to help you design the optimal prepaid card to achieve your goal.

Having the right prepaid card can make all the difference. 

We work with you to tailor a prepaid card to achieve maximum results.  Do you want to accelerate sales?  Increase customer loyalty and repeat business?  Stay top of mind with an outside salesforce?  Or stimulate healthy habits for an insured population?

Understanding your recipients

Knowing the demographics of your consumers and how they are likely to use a prepaid card is another important part of designing the right card.  Are the recipients ‘tech saavy’ or would they prefer a traditional plastic card?  Is the speed with which they receive their award important?

CardCentral has a wide-array of options

Here are some of the key features that can be designed into your prepaid card.

1. Branding

Our graphics designers will put your brand into the best light. Or, if you have a design already, you can use that. Either way, our cards support full color, high resolution images to make your brand pop.

2. Open or Restricted

3. Funding Model

We can work with you to create the right model for your program.

4. Traditional or Virtual

Traditional physical prepaid cards are being quickly supplanted by virtual prepaid cards. Many recipients like the immediate gratification that a virtual prepaid card provides. Nonetheless, for some programs, physical prepaid cards are still the best fit.

5. Bulk or On-Demand

Bulk card production can be cost effective for large orders that are distributed all at once. On-demand avoids tying up resources for on-going programs and ensures marketing funds are not lost or wasted.