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To support ongoing loyalty and incentive programs, we offer a program interface (API) for receiving requests for issuing new awards.  Through the API, whichever system your business uses to track loyalty and incentives can communicate electronically with CardCentral to request an award.  From there, CardCentral takes over.  CardCentral sends out an email notification with your message informing your recipients that they have earned an award and providing them with a link to their secure online account to receive it.  CardCentral’s API uses industry-standard protocols for easy integration. 

Paperless Convenience

Our ordering API eliminates manual ordering and paperwork.  Requests are electronically sent to CardCentral for processing.  We provide you with a secure portal and a detailed monthly report for you to monitor the process.


Eliminating human involvement in the order process makes it more secure.  Unscrupulous individuals are prevented from issuing unapproved awards.  Similarly, typos and other human mistakes are eliminated from the process as well.  

Happier customers

Your customers will also enjoy the benefits of integration.  Our API is constantly ‘listening’ for new requests, 24/7.  Regardless of the time of day that your customer earns an award, you can send a request to CardCentral and our nearly instantaneous process will send an award.  The customer experiences immediate recognition and gratification.