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You've got the cards, now what?

Other companies can sell you prepaid cards but leave you with the headache of managing the process. CardCentral offers companies a complete solution for their loyalty and incentive programs.


myCardCentral is a user-friendly web portal for award recipients to claim and manage their awards.  myCardCentral provides a highly secure digital wallet where cardholders can look up card information, check transactions and balances, and contact customer support with questions and issues.

What are the benefits of the
myCardCentral portal?

User Friendly

myCardCentral is designed to be easy and accessible for all levels of computer users. Pages are designed so that users can access the system from their favorite device: computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Highly Secure

myCardCentral incorporates industry leading security approaches and tools. All data is encrypted, communications are secured, and the system is continuously monitored for attempts to gain unapproved access.

Corporate Branding

myCardCentral was designed as a private label solution. All of the elements of the system can be tailored to your company's brand and message.

Corporate Portal

myCardCentral's corporate portal provides you with visibility into your award program. You can verify that an award notification was sent to a recipient, whether the recipient has claimed the award, and more.

Award Notification

myCardCentral notiifies recipients via email or text message that they have received an award and guides them through the claim process. Messages can be tailored to your corporate message.

Integration with your system

myCardCentral includes API's that listen for orders sent from your company's systems, eliminating manual entry and delivering awards as they are earned 24/7.